Various Artists - Cycle 1 (One Year of Elements Records)

by Various Artists

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One year of regular musical releases was the time we took to realize from a manager´s perspective that the traditional digital music distribution circuit is completely vicious, obsolete, moved and constrained by financial interests.
Music is only a matter of numbers and trading, with total absence of artistic feeling or boldness facing the already established, for serving the market and the entertainment industry.

These are the reasons why we decided to definitely separate ourselves from this dominant system, in which thousands of producers and musicians are constantly disrespected, and small labels, often held with blood and tears, are shockingly sucked by unscrupulous distribution platforms and online shops, pure marketing machines looking for easy profit. Eventually this ends in a lot of disappointment for the artists themselves because the "noise"of a lot of distributors is too much, they feel not cared, and it´s already hard to sale; and a lot of labels are forced to close, for having no conditions to support their artists the pro and right way.
On the other hand, internet became quickly the best way to get connected to music you wouldn´t so quickly, or maybe never, and that´s the good part! We love music, we want more music, more, more, incredible to have access to all this music nowadays.

Based on this, we decided that, from now on, all our editions will only be available on our Bandcamp store or, eventually, on online shops that share the idea of a fair profit distribution amongst all parts involved. We think Bandcamp is the fairest and easiest by now. It will be less exposed, thats a fact; we won’t be at the colossal and unanimously desired Beatport, thats another fact. Nevertheless, we won’t be contributing to a system that doesn’t promote worth anymore, doesn’t look for talent and doesn’t create oportunities.
We believe in launching emergent talents in an alternative area and to appeal to those who are established to join us in this pathway towards pure art.

Today (the 2nd of December) is a year past the official date of our first edition: the split EP “Alpha EP” with three tunes produced by Pedro Goya, Fragoso and Luís Bravo. One year later, with five releases in our history (among which the Miguel Torga’s LP “Hexágono Amoroso”, probably one of the portuguese electronic albums of the year), we blast the anniversary with this collection “Cycle 1 (One Year of Elements Records)” (coordinated, selected and sequenced by our label manager, Gabi von Dub).
Besides remembering we are here for a year now, this collection points to what we want to do in the near future: less releasing, in longer and more conceptual frames, and escape the more functional electronics, dancefloor oriented.

In “Cycle 1 (One Year of Elements Records)” we present tracks from The Positronics, Aqob, Ludovic, ocp, Anders Blickmann, Orienrac, Alex FX, Reverb (here with a Mauno Koivisto remix, a.k.a. Jönsson Tõll), Naus, Sphitzio and The Push (the latter established in Portugal not long ago).

From the more immersive and wavy ambient to the more mysterious dance music, extra 4x4 or expansive, this collection is a journey to the essence of each musician but also to their ability to look outside the box or escape previously given tags. It makes us curious for its influences, simultaneously different and oddly linked when translated to artistic creation.
Our acknowledgement to everyone involved in it. We hope it to be a starting point for future sound.

For 2015, we have three LPs confirmed already: the debuts of Anders Blickmann, The Positronics and the return of Mr. Herbert Quain.
In this collection, we wanted to musically mirror our own vision: to join emergent values with established and influential names, promoting the gathering of several styles within electronics, with quality management and open minds.
Portugal has a sound, and several agents of that sound, and we want to show it to the world.

All tracks previously unreleased, except track 11, previously released on The Push’s "Transcendental Evidence" EP, by Arctic Dub Records (Sursumcorda).


released December 2, 2014

Selected and compiled by Gabi von Dub a.k.a. Augen
Mastered at Clean Wave Studios by Fernando Rodrigues (a.k.a Fragoso)
Artwork by BrainDance




Elements Records Coimbra, Portugal

Elements started promoting electronic music and underground club culture in 2001. On its already long route, Elements had the pleasure of working with DJs such as The Advent (UK), Tiefschwarz (Germany), Dasha Rush (Russia), Ivan Smagghe (France), Brett Johnson (USA), Lea Lisa (France),among others. In 2011 Elements created e! podcast and now, 2013, its time to go ahead with Elements Records. ... more

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